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Experience the Scenery With Performance and Speed

The adrenaline you’ll get from Mountain View Adventures‘s Polaris Slingshot rentals in Western North Carolina is unmatched. We enable drivers and riders to navigate the winding Blue Ridge Mountains at maximum speed and experience the perfect thrill ride. Slingshot vehicles are designed and built with customizable features, sleek, bold style, and unparalleled performance. We offer our rentals at exceptional rates. We’ll set you up with the right Slingshot for you and your party so you can look forward to your next full-throttle adventure.

polaris slingshot

2021 Slingshot RS (Automatic w/ Paddle Shifters)

We offer the 2021 Slingshot at $75 an hour for a two-hour minimum.

The 2021 Slingshot RS features automatic transmission and paddle shifters for the ultimate control and a rush you’ll never forget. It is customized in fantastic finishes and paint schemes, merging top performance and excellent style. With its four-cylinder engine, it provides drivers with the most redlines. Its exhaust can be heard from far distances, conveying your performance, tenacity, and power anywhere you drive. Other features include:

  • A six-speaker audio system complete with Bluetooth® integration
  • LED taillights and projector-beam headlights
  • ABC disk breaks
polaris slingshot

2022 Slingshot RS (Manual Transmission)

We offer the 2022 Slingshot at $75 an hour for a two-hour minimum.

The original 2022 Slingshot with manual transmission is the definition of the Slingshot experience. It is designed to be customized and tuned up according to its driver’s specific needs and wants. Its black aluminum wheels and sophisticated accents catch the eye and envy of onlookers. The Slingshot RS is offered with a wide range of technologies and advantages to maximize your ride potential:

  • AutoDrive or five-speed manual transmission
  • Four-cylinder engine delivering over 178 horsepower
  • Rockford Fosgate® 2.7″ LCD display

Enjoy Your Next Blue Ridge Mountain Ride

At Mountain View Adventures, we’re committed to providing the perfect ride to get thrill-seekers to and from their next destination. Western North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains offer visitors endless possibilities – things to do, see, and experience. We want you to have the opportunity to explore our vibrant forestry and immense mountains in a ride you’ll always remember. We look forward to setting you up with the vehicle and accommodations you need to thrive.

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