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Rule the Road With a Polaris RZR

Prepare for the ultimate driving experience. Mountain View Adventures offers clients an outstanding selection of Polaris RZR rentals in Western North Carolina. You and your party will traverse the roughest parts of our region. Have fun while overcoming challenging terrain and bond over the experience with your family, friends, or co-workers. We aim to provide you with a ride in which you can make memories. You’ll have a blast navigating the area’s challenging yet stunning scenery with the highest performance.

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2021 4-Seater XP 1000 High-lifter

We offer the 2021 4-Seater XP 1000 at $75 an hour for a two-hour minimum.

The 2021 4-Seater XP 1000 High-Lifter is a force to be reckoned with. These built-to-last vehicles merge power and smooth riding to handle the toughest terrains, environments, and conditions with ease. Its cutting-edge chassis merges movement and nimbleness for a streamlined ride each time. Its unparalleled suspension will enable you to overcome any terrain challenge you encounter, from dense mud, strong rocks, and deep holes, craters, and cavities.

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RZR XP 4 1000 Ultimate

We offer the RZR XP 4 1000 Ultimate at $75 an hour for a two-hour minimum.

With the RZR XP 4 1000 Ultimate, you’ll get complete control of your ride in the most unrelenting and inhospitable conditions. This vehicle gives drivers the power they need precisely when needed while maintaining smoothness and sustainability for the entire ride. It comprises a ProStar 1000, pumping 110 horsepower without fail. It is built with a lean, brawny body designed to tame any environment, no matter how treacherous.

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2016 XP 1000 2-Seater

We offer the 2016 XP 1000 at $75 an hour for a two-hour minimum.

Nothing quite rules the road like the 2016 XP 1000 2-Seater. Its force and performance are simply spectacular in any environment or condition. These models are designed and engineered with an innovative chassis system and base frame, built with unmatched suspension and power. Tough obstacles like rocks, stumps, hills, and slippery sand cannot stop the determination of the 2016 XP 1000 2-Seater. Experience its all-wheel-drive system that provides genuine on-demand performance. When you choose this vehicle for your next adventure, you’ll feel confident in your ability to overcome and control any terrain you come across.

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